About Karen
After a lifetime of living small and by the rules, can you learn to live large and create your own? YES! I did it and I can show you how! As a life coach, keynote speaker and entertainer, my message is the same: it is giving you permission to live a more joyous, fulfilled life.

Eleven years ago, in Portsmouth, NH, I left a lonely long-term marriage. With a deep soul journey I moved away from mind-numbing fear into creating a whole new life. Shortly thereafter I was invited to become a motivational keynote speaker.  After intense self-reflection I wrote Step Into the Spotlight or You’ll Spend Your Life Sitting in the Audience! I chose that theme because I know how people’s desires and dreams can get extinguished, and I wanted to light the fire within them. It resonated big time, more conferences followed, and coaching came into my practice, as people clamored for ways to open their own potential.

This was just the beginning of my metamorphosis. Then I started a new life in New York City! Once here, something began to stir. I had been a popular actress/singer in New Hampshire, but as a storyteller of the human condition, my fascination with human potential now went deeper. It was time to also inspire via entertainment. My comic solo show  Hot Mama Mahatma did just that. Then I wrote and produced a cabaret show which also sold out. Why?  Audiences felt their own exuberance, their desires kindled for a more engaging, happier life.

I now have a full time coaching practice to enable people to tell their own stories and experience their own potential–to have the same kind of awakening that I had, and to take the lessons I have learned to help others live their biggest dreams.

Professional Bio

Karen Fitzgerald is a transformational coach based in New York City. As she has reinvented her own life she has helped countless others reinvent theirs.

Besides a rich theatre performance background, she has taught public speaking to executives at Fortune 100 companies around the world. She has a Bachelor degree in Speech Communication and a Master degree in Organization and Management.   She uses all of these talents to inspire people to create powerful lives. Her recent popular webinar with international transformational publisher Hay House titled Dancing with Desire inspired hundreds of people to follow their dreams.

She has been featured in two books on fearless women, is a regular contributor to the Huffington Post, and has been highlighted in the public television special, In Her Power.  She is a guest blogger on the popular website Women Working, and most recently has been invited to speak at The Gratitude and Trust Conference live in NYC and broadcast around the world.

Whether is it coaching, keynote speaking, or creating inspirational theatre, Karen’s message is to motivate people to live their greatest potential.

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