‘Til I Broke Free


Earlier this month I was away for 10 days in upstate New York, a family emergency in a nursing home.  I sat by my Dad’s bed for many hours, waiting to see if he was going to come back to this world or travel to the next.  He came back.

While there, I met many women…the caretakers, friends from his recovery world, doctors, then women on the return plane trip and in the text messages on my phone, and all of them looking for something…yearning for something, curious to ask me questions.  Because intuitively, they know I know.

It is something I live, that I have struggled to learn, and the queries come.  And I talked to them, and I answered them.  I gave them guidance.  The message is in my coaching, my keynote speaking, my writing and performance…in everything I do.  But they don’t know everything I do, they simply wanted more.  I piqued their curiosity.

But coming home to my quiet abode, I wasn’t quiet.  My mind spins.  I want to give them the ticket, the short cut to the very long road I have taken to get here.  The pondering continues, but at 11:00 tonight, this is what poured out of me in 10 minutes from these interactions, these inquiries:

The women are screaming for freedom
Freedom to live the life they were meant to live…
Freedom to speak their truth…and be heard
Freedom to laugh out loud, to be too BIG, to cry, to rage, to love
Freedom to be themselves, fully…
without censorship
without justifying
without pleasing anyone…
but themselves.

I meet them everywhere.  I hear their voices resonating in my heart, clamoring in my head.  I recognize them.  I was them.

‘Til I broke free.

I want the same for you.

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