Divorce is the Best Thing I Ever Did!

Not to be facetious, and not to take it lightly, first let me say, divorce was the HARDEST thing I ever did!  So, if you are going through divorce, or any big life change, I get it.  You don’t know if you can do it.  You feel like a turtle trying to crawl out of […]

How To Live A Happier Life In 3 Steps – Welcome!


Imperfection – Can I Get This Right?

I have been told over and over again, “Karen, you don’t have to be perfect”.  Relax.  Enjoy the process.  Let it flow. Right.  But as a kid who strove for the “A’s”, who spent her life being the good girl, the good daughter, the good wife, the good mom, this is not easy! So, I […]

What to do if you don’t have a “joy gene”…

I woke up this morning feeling schlumpy. I needed some joy.  I was feeling a little anxious, like, “Oh, I should be working, not taking a holiday” (it was a holiday)…or “I ate too much last night and feel like a lump.”  You know the drill…anything to make myself feel bad. Because I am working […]

Fearless Women Global Conference

I just flew back from Los Angeles and boy, are my arms tired!  (Old joke…sorry…couldn’t resist).  But I was on a mission, as were the other women I met in LA. We were honored at the Fearless Women Global Conference to launch the book, Fearless Women, Visions of a New World,  and yes, I am […]

Welcome to KarenFitzgerald.TV

We are pleased as punch for you visiting us here at www.KarenFitzgerald.TV!  There’s a lot more to come so stay tuned! In the meantime, I’m headed to LA  for an amazing conference with women…I’ll keep you posted.