Permission To Ride The Wave

I want to talk to you peeps! It’s been awhile because I’ve been on a mission. And the mission is to give you PERMISSION! DO YOU GIVE YOURSELF PERMISSION? From my recent Hay House webinar, titled “Dancing With Desire”, I was connected to hundreds of people around the world. I discussed the importance of your desires and dreams, […]

Reinventing From The Inside Out

Did you ever want to reinvent yourself? I did but only after I was hit by a cosmic 2×4. Change for me was filled with terror. That fear of the unknown was greater than the pain of the known. And I was in pain, in a deeply lonely, empty, rejecting marriage. So what to do? You can either […]

I Dare You To Dance!

Hay House was astonished! Actually, so was I. Why would 868 people sign up for my debut webinar, “Dancing With Desire”? And then, why would 500 of them actually tune in (60%)? Hay House told me that probably only 10 – 20% would. It confounded the company. It confounded me. Was it my charm, my […]

Don’t Do, Just Be!

I don’t know about you, but I was raised to dust the furniture, dry the dishes, do dinner for everybody, and then and only then, do you do for you or not (mostly not, because by then you’re too doggedly drained). And I did, for my spouse, my kids, my Mom, my Dad.  Then came […]