Back On The Dance Floor Again

I am not a person who usually gets stopped.  When I get a desire I go for it.  Sounds great, right?  Isn’t that fabulous?  Does that annoy you?  Did you stop reading yet?  Don’t.  Because I lied.

Well, actually, I didn’t lie.  I’m known as a truth teller, so lying is not really part of my vernacular.

The truth is this.  I do get a desire.  I go for it, especially if it’s a strong one and keeps showing up.  And I’ve lived out a lot of my desires, big time. But here is the real truth.  I do stop.  I step back, then forward.  Fear sets in or those old voices in my head whisper,  “Is this good enough?  Is it serving me or anyone else?  Why bother?  Who do you think you are?”  You know those voices.  Fill in the blank with the negative thoughts that you hurl at yourself.  And I did that with my blog.

Several months ago, I worked with an assistant who liked my writing, but thought I wasn’t “selling” enough.  After all, I’m a coach, a keynote speaker, a performance artist, and everything I do has one message…to inspire people to live their desires…to live the best life they can imagine, and to walk through the fear to get there.

But with her one opinion, I stopped writing.   I stopped sending you my stories, my encouragement to take those risks, to live the life you have imagined.  However, this week, I got nudged.  Two friends of mine, whom I respect deeply, told me to get back to writing my blog.  They loved it and wondered what happened.  A literary agent also told me she read them on my website and really enjoyed this theme of Dancing with Desire.  So I’m writing again.

Because it is a dance, this back and forward movement with desire.   It’s not something we are encouraged to do in this culture, to follow our bliss, to listen to that intuitive voice that is guiding us.

So it guided me this week, with the help of my dear friend Jen and that sacred seductress, Kitty Cavalier (and if you haven’t checked out her blog, you should)! Meanwhile, while the pen has been silent, my life has not.  Just so you know, I practice what I preach.  I’ve been taking actions.

I was a guest speaker at the Gratitude and Trust Summit in New York City, hosted by Grammy winner, Paul Williams.  In September, I performed my solo show in New England to sold out audiences.  Hot Mama Mahatma is a comedy about a woman emerging into her new life and her sexuality (that would be me).  I then co-led a workshop for women on Sexuality and Spirituality. I have my private coaching clients.  And yes, I am still pole dancing!

Now this sounds like a lot, I know. But trust me, to get here over my lifetime has taken many steps, often baby steps, one at a time, walking through so much fear I could write a book on it.  Okay…maybe some other time.  So I want to ask you, what baby steps are you taking toward your dreams?  I would love to hear.  Share them with me.  And we’ll keep dancing together!

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