How A Desire Unfolds



She picked it off the shelf at Barnes & Noble, tossed to me and said, “Read this one.”

Given that Carrie was my best friend and a rockin’ spiritual counselor, I bought the book.  But did I read it?  Nah.  I was reading much more complex spiritual matter, like “Seat of the Soul”.  This new one looked too simplistic for my advanced mind.

A few months later, though, with a metaphysical headache from this complex matter, I picked up the “simple” book.  However, I had been deceived.  It was straightforward, but definitely not simple.  And it became the most helpful book I have ever owned.  “You Can Heal Your Life” by Louise Hay carried me through my divorce, calmed my anxiety, gave me a new framework for living in a whole new way.  And for Louise at age 60, the book propelled her to create Hay House, which is not only the largest spiritual publishing company, but also has an international audience for it’s radio and webinar programs.

She became my heroine, and I had a strong desire to be somehow connected to that work, that company, but how?  Ah, in the land of desire, we have to learn to leave the “how” up to the universe.  Are you ready?  Here’s how a desire unfolds:

2009/2010 – after my spiritual trip to India (which got rather hilarious…), I wrote a solo show comedy about it, “Hot Mama Mahatma” which had a few brief but very successful productions in NYC (more to come :).

2011 – I express to women in my sexy, spiritual empowerment group that I would love to use the show to work with Hay House.

Spring, 2012 – After seeing Oprah & Chopra (yes, Deepak) live at Radio City, I was emboldened to contact a high level acquaintance connected to Hay House…could she forward my solo show video to them?  First she insisted on viewing it.  She did.  She loved it.  She gave me a testimonial.  She then forwarded it to three top people at the company.  Woohoo…gratitude….We heard nothing.  Done.  Sigh.

Fall, 2012 – I was doing a reading of “Hot Mama Mahatma” and invited everyone on my list, including one of those top people at Hay House.  She got back to me with accolades, telling me she had watched it, loved it, it was right on the money!  However, they had nowhere in their schedule to use it.  Sigh.  But she invited me as her guest to their Hay House event “Movers and Shakers”.  I had wanted that invite for a year…gratitude… Here it was.  I went, and there they invited us to submit a 7 minute video about our work, including any book proposals, etc. We had four months to submit it all.  Afterwards, they would confer two awards…either a webinar for Hay House or a brief radio show.  Since I was writing my memoir about this journey, I sent a 60 page book proposal plus the video.  At the end of the video, we had to put an action for our audience.  So, I chose this song, one that I wrote, after I met Louise Hay in person.   I call it my hip-hop haiku.

May 2013 – I received a phone call from Cheryl Richardson.  I had won the webinar!!!  Big Gratitude.

And now, here it is!  On July 24th, 2014…I will be doing my webinar, titled “Dancing With Desire”.  And this, amazingly, is how a desire unfolds.  It’s about noting the guideposts and acting on them and then…letting go of expectation!  That’s a biggie.  When I submitted all that material, I literally blew it out into the universe.  And where this is going?  Who knows?  But I’d like you to come for the ride, and we’ll find out.  So, sign up and join me!  It’s a one hour freebie.  It’s about living your dreams, since that’s my hope for you anyway! But as we live our dreams, we need some self-confidence to do it.  Hay House asked me to post the song on You Tube!  So, sing with me, click the link above the song, and feel free to forward this to any and all friends.

Your dreams are real.  The time is now.  The world is waiting…let’s make it happen!




bio2Karen Fitzgerald is a personal development coach and entrepreneur whose mission is to help guide top performing creative women make big changes in their life.  She is also a sought after public speaker, writer and performer and has written for the Huffington Post and has spoken at The Hay House.


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