Post-Desire Hangover



And I don’t even drink! 🙂

A few weeks ago, as you probably know, I had a HUGE desire fulfilled. I’ve wanted to work with Hay House for a number of years and through a series of very synchronistic events, it happened! On Thursday, July 24th, I did my first webinar with them. It was a HIT! You may have even been on that call. Hundreds of people signed up. Hay House was especially impressed. Besides their praise, “GREAT show”, they are now using it a model for all their authors! Not bad for my debut with them, right?

Of course, there is always a boatload of work to do as pre-show prep – writing and conceptualizing a one hour talk, composing the opening song. Following that were the blogs, tweets, facebook posts. etc. Then there is my tech team, because without my tech team I am writing for an audience of one…ME! Yes, I can tweet, I sort of understand Facebook, a bit, kind of, maybe…which means there is probably a much more time efficient way to do all of this. When you add Mailchimp, email lists and getting it on my website, posting the song on You Tube  (per a request from Hay House), well then, I am lost in a morass of mess known as tech! The day after the show, my techie was winging her way to a vacay in California and I was left tech-less.

That’s no problem, except all the online marketing people say, “you’re on a roll, follow those fans. “ Actually, the fans followed me, with the offers I made on the call, so I’ve had many wonderful chats with them. But tech wise, the universe clearly put on the brakes. So, I decided to take the hint and take my own mini vacay…I flew to Buffalo to bask in the warmth of my family. Okay, no Buffalo jokes here. It is actually lovely in summer! I traveled to the bucolic burbs of Connecticut for an idyllic afternoon with a friend. I went kayaking on the Hudson River, and was treated to a Broadway show. My tech-less time was not trivial!

Now that my techie is back, so am I. Since so many more folks have asked, I invite you to experience my free webinar and workbook. Here’s the link. After working with it, tell me what you liked and learned – 3 things you took away and an action step you’ve taken in the direction of your desires. Then I will extend the offer I made on the webinar. You’ll just have to tune in to find out what it is.

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