Do You Have Two Left Feet With Your Desires?



I have been so inspired by the people who have contacted me after my Hay House webinar, “Dancing With Desire”…so many wonderful new clients, so much desire circling around out there…like standing on the edge of a dance floor waiting to dance.

But with this circling, I am itching to make this invite,

And the itch is not from a mosquito bite.

It’s from YOU!  I don’t want you to put your dreams on hold anymore.  I don’t want you standing on the edge of the dance floor.  I want you out on the floor dancing those desires under the disco ball!  And here’s how.  With dreams, like dancing, you take it one step at a time, one foot in front of the other.

At first it feels awkward.  You feel like you have two left feet.  You want to run back to your wallflower position on the sidelines (trust me I have known that one).

But the more you step out, the better you get and then you make it happen (I’ve known that one too)! Then you’re Beyonce or JLo, or if you prefer old school – Ginger Rogers with Fred Astaire.  And I can guide you to do that.  No, I am not going to take you tap dancing or swing dancing (although I could…I do both :).

I’m going to guide you to take that one step, then the next into your dreams.

What have you got to lose?  Your fear.

What have you got to gain?  Passion to live your life fully. 

So, come dance with me.  Sign up for your free 30 minute coaching consult.  Then share this offer with a friend who needs this as much as you do.  It’ll be fun, and I won’t even step on your toes.




bio2Karen Fitzgerald is a personal development coach and entrepreneur whose mission is to help guide top performing creative women make big changes in their life.  She is also a sought after public speaker, writer and performer and has written for the Huffington Post and has spoken at The Hay House.

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