From My Heart to Yours!


Sometimes, when I’m really on my game, I write gratitude lists, but not enough.

Frequently, though, it hits me when I am just walking down the streets of New York City how blessed my life has been these past 10 years since I moved here, filled with miracles…so much growth, so much change, so much community, so much love.

What?  New York City?  Love?  Yep.  And no, I’m not talking about the hot boyfriend who cherishes my presence, although I’m working on that!  No, it’s love of a different source.  It’s love that comes from slowly allowing people into your life…lovely, supportive people. 

What I figured out on my intense spiritual journey post divorce was that I am an isolator, a loner.  Now, one would not know that because I have been an actress & singer my whole adult life, playing lead roles in front of thousands of people, and I was very involved in my communities in Portsmouth, NH.  But it was from a distance. 

I ran a soup kitchen, I led a youth group for my kids, I was president of a large community theatre group.  I was the very active chairperson on a prestigious local arts board.   And yes, it was leadership, but there can also be a separateness in that.  And there was.  Given my family of origin, I had learned methods to put defenses around me, to protect myself.

But as I got guided to move to NYC, something happened.  I connected with a spiritual center of very positive people, Unity of New York.  They became my landing space in New York, and the people there slowly helped me shape my new life.  Then I was introduced to a women’s group, Mama Gena’s.  Yes, I know it sounds like a pizza place!  Trust me, it was not about pizza, but it was about accepting our appetites…our desires to live more fully and sensually, and to support other women in doing the same.  And those women have taught me love, via acceptance.

It is a model that women all over the world need so desperately, and it’s felt like home because it is the philosophy I’ve been studying my whole life.  This one has an amazing community around it.   We show up for each other.  We help each other step out and expand our dreams.  And as I have taken this message further out into the world, via the shows I have created, the public speaking, the coaching I give to women, I have received such support, such appreciation, and it continues to open my heart.

Most important of all, I have learned the importance self-love, of people loving themselves, their bodies, their very divinity, which is essential for everything.

So, in gratitude, I invite you to sing with me the song I wrote, which I jokingly call my hip-hop haiku, then click the link to join me on my free webinar via Hay House, “Dancing With Desire” on Thursday, July 24th at noon.   It’s about stepping into your own dreams, and living out loud.

Come play! 



bio2Karen Fitzgerald is a personal development coach and entrepreneur whose mission is to help guide top performing creative women make big changes in their life.  She is also a sought after public speaker, writer and performer and has written for the Huffington Post and has spoken at The Hay House.


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