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3:00 pm EST, 12:00 pm PST

Dancing with Desire Free Hay House Webinar with Karen Fitzgerald.

Thursday, July 24th, 2014


What do you do when a BIG desire that you’ve held for years, finally comes into reality?

Do you jump for joy?  YES.

Gratitude?  Absolutely!

Do you call your friends and share the good news?  YES!

And then what?  You PANIC!!

If you’re like me, you go into total anxiety, questioning every thought you ever had about this.  You may ask, “Why did I have this desire in the first place?  Was I nuts?”

Then you buy yourself a pound of chocolate, or in my case, because I pretend it’s healthier, I make a boatload of organic popcorn with butter and I scarf it down while watching an old tv re-run that makes me laugh.

And then, after all the negative self-talk and stuffing myself with popcorn, I get to work!

What desire has caused this feeding frenzy?  I’ve wanted to work with Hay House for the past several years, in some capacity.  After many miraculous connections, it’s happened!  I am doing a webinar through them on this Thursday, July 24th.  Titled “Dancing With Desire”, I talk about this very topic.

I have blogged, tweeted, facebooked (is that a word?), talked it up.  I even wrote a song related to it, and at their suggestion, posted it on You Tube!  You can find it here. 

And to their evident amazement, 810 people have thus far signed up for it!  Now, THAT’S panic!

But the point of deep desire?  It’s to guide us on the journey, to weave the personal tapestry of our lives.  It’s not a magic pill, it doesn’t even necessarily make your life easier but may challenge you to live bigger. Would you rather dance with desire and dance with the unknown, which can be miraculous or heartbreaking or both?  Or would you rather live a lifetime frustrated because you settled?  It forces you to live on the edge of your comfort zone and go beyond.  You know my choice.  Come join me this Thursday, July 24th to dance the edge with me.




bio2Karen Fitzgerald is a personal development coach and entrepreneur whose mission is to help guide top performing creative women make big changes in their life.  She is also a sought after public speaker, writer and performer and has written for the Huffington Post and has spoken at The Hay House.


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