Whose Life Are You Living?


I recently had a conversation that struck me profoundly.  It was a coaching client who tuned into my recent Hay House webinar.

She had been out of a job for months.  She was frustrated, angry…understandably so.  She’d been knocking on doors, making contacts, trying to get tech work that she’d been doing for years.  It was underpaid.  It was long hours.  It was frustrating work.  But it was what she knew.

As I asked specific questions, she went deeper.  I inquired if she had started her desire list, which was the whole premise of my webinar and workbook.

What did her soul crave…not her mind, not just her pocketbook, but her soul?  Although she had downloaded the workbook, she replied, “No, I haven’t written anything.” I asked, “Why?”  She said she felt too guilty to write her desires, too guilty to tap into her own soul to see what was really there, to find out what it was trying to tell her.

We worked through some of this resistance.  Then I said, “Tell me what you do for pleasure, for enjoyment.”  It took a minute because she did very little self-care, but then her energy lightened and she responded, “I love hiking through the hills.”

I nudged a little more.  “So putting the money question aside, if you could write down the most fun, pleasurable job in the world, what would it be?”

Before she could even think, she burst out, “Park Ranger.  I would be out in nature, outdoors, and since I like to talk with people and guide them, I could share the rules, give information.”

The idea excited her. It took an hour to get to this, but it became apparent that all her work had been indoors – working first in malls and stores, then technical work in media, when her heart and soul wanted to be out in nature.

This was one conversation.  I gave her tools and techniques to help her continue to step into possibility rather than fear.

This is what can happen when we allow ourselves to want what we want.  Her entire being wants to be in nature, not stuck in some building or behind a computer screen.

The universe is speaking to her.  It is speaking to you.  Our desires are sent as divine guidance.  It is time to listen.  Are you? 



bio2Karen Fitzgerald is a personal development coach and entrepreneur whose mission is to help guide top performing creative women make big changes in their life.  She is also a sought after public speaker, writer and performer and has written for the Huffington Post and has spoken at The Hay House.

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