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After a great theater career as a leading actress in New England,  Karen headed to New York City eight years ago, post divorce.But that was prep work, as she was about to learn.  Because her spirit had another plan.  As she filed for divorce, instead of dancing in the streets, she went to the depths of her soul.  There was no stopping it.  It was like a statement, “Stop, halt, you will listen now”.  And there was clearly no choice.  She surrendered, and thus began her spiritual journey… to Al-Anon, 12 steps, therapy, mystical experiences and then traveling half way around the world to chase them…to India.

Eat, Pray, Love it wasn’t!  But it got funny. And she was told to write it and put it out into the world. And that’s where her one hour solo show comedy, Hot Mama Mahatma was born.  Or as she says,  “I went to India to get enlightened, but got turned   on instead.”  And that turn on has lasted, which is why, as a performer, she wants to bring that to you.  Because in that journey and in that show, she not only woke up to her sensuality but her own soul.  And she wakes up her audiences as well.Besides winning the Producer’s Award at MITF (Mid-town International Theater Festival in Manhattan), Hot Mama Mahatma garnered these reviews.


Great piece. SO SO SO much in here for EVERY woman! Bravo!!!!
Dr. Christiane Northrup

“Fitzgerald shows vivacity, vulnerability, and some pretty serious chops as a performer… her story flows out of her with humor and candor… a joy to watch.”

“…her sensual awakening is happening on a spiritual retreat (celibate) and during travels through India, which leads to many humorous situations and huge awkwardness, which Fitzgerald fully reveals, leaving no holds barred.  It’s a brave work, as female sexuality is still largely uninvestigated in our culture…”

Karen’s work is hilariously funny, deeply honest and brimming with quirky life…she galvanizes the audience into laughter, tears and whoops of approval.  The excitement she generates shows that the authenticity and talent she brings to her stories of enlightenment – because they spring from a life thoughtfully and truthfully lived – make them powerful indeed.
– MATT HOVERMAN award-winning playwright and Emmy winner.

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