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You want to light up the world. You may have even done some of it, but there’s something more.You have big dreams, big desires. But something stops you. What?And what will ignite you?Because when you get ignited, when that light turns on,Passion fuels your life, your being, your body.Your whole attitude changes, and you propel forwardWith energy and enthusiasm.

But before we take on the world, first we have to light up ourselves.

Karen shines that beacon on women…to themselves and their vast potential, as she addresses their topics, including life direction, pleasure, career, relationships, spirituality, sexuality and balance with humor and unpretentiousness. Audiences enthusiastically apply what they learn to life, work and play.

Karen has lived it, breathed it, done it.

And now she shows you how.

What Audiences are saying about Karen Fitzgerald…

“Wonderful! Awesome! Great! Fun! Inspiring! Excellent! Energetic! Funny! Uplifting! Karen Fitzgerald recently presented both the keynote and the closing session at our 4th Annual Women’s Expo. Karen’s keynote message was eye-opening and empowering and started the day off right. Her energy, passion, and enthusiasm were contagious and set the stage for a fantastic day. Our participants couldn’t wait for the closing session to see Karen again, and she once again stole the show.”
– S. Bellian, Associate Director Continuing Education, State University of New York

“You are, bar none, the best keynote speaker we have had! You brought such an air of professionalism, style, insight and downright good laughs to the day!”
– Chris Van Horn, Office of Human Resources, University of New Hampshire

“Your workshop was a hit with everyone in the audience -from women who work in accounting departments and customer service to women who are presidents and CEO’s of area businesses. Everybody just loved it. Thanks for making Winning Opportunities for Women (W.O.W.) look so good!”
– Natalie Timmons, Chairperson, Greater Haverhill Chamber of Commerce

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