Permission To Ride The Wave

I want to talk to you peeps! It’s been awhile because I’ve been on a mission. And the mission is to give you PERMISSION!


From my recent Hay House webinar, titled “Dancing With Desire”, I was connected to hundreds of people around the world. I discussed the importance of your desires and dreams, about paying attention to them and living them.

As I’ve spoken to so many these past months, it became clear that people yearn to take action, whether it be in a relationship or career or their creativity, but they stop themselves. They are stuck.  Many of my clients have that old negative voice that says, “Who do you think you are?” or “You’re not good enough.”

I’ve told them, and I’m here to tell you: You ARE good enough.  Okay, you don’t believe me. “Fake it ‘til you make it.” What that phrase has meant to me is fake the confidence and take an action. It has helped me tremendously to take steps I never dared to imagine, and they’ve all turned out well. What a shock!

Too often, we get caught in the ocean of fear. It feels like the tidal wave will consume us, so we don’t even put our toe in the water. The way out is action. It may be one small action step, but action is the key. Then take a breath and congratulate yourself, and take the next step.



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