Reinventing From The Inside Out

karen red dressDid you ever want to reinvent yourself?

I did but only after I was hit by a cosmic 2×4.

Change for me was filled with terror. That fear of the unknown was greater than the pain of the known. And I was in pain, in a deeply lonely, empty, rejecting marriage.

So what to do? You can either glide into change, or go kicking and screaming into it. Instead of trying to control the outcome, I had to let go. I surrendered. It was too big for me. And in that, I found the divine. Or rather, I went searching on my hands and knees. And the guidance came, in spades. Then, shockingly, I found change can be fun. Yes, it can enhance life. What a concept.

Have you wanted to explore your spirituality, your sensuality, your life purpose?

Usually this idea of reinvention is propelled by some huge discomfort or trauma. It may have been a divorce, a death, or exhaustion from one of those soul-draining jobs where you made a lot of money but were too tired to spend it!

But if you turn within, really take time to slow down, to get quiet, connect with that which is greater than you, you may start to find some answers.

And that has been the juice with my coaching clients. So many were in those soul-draining jobs and are stepping out, into their creativity…as writers, as speakers, as coaches, taking their voices out into the world in new and creative ways…making change as they go through change. That has been the gift of coaching.  Having become an expert at reinvention, I get to help them embrace it.

So here’s the query, is something poking at you…calling you to change, to reinvent, to emerge into your purpose and possibility?



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